Monday, June 2, 2014

Even God Rested!

I. Am. Tired.

This has been an insane month. I spent way too much time dealing with red tape concerning my son's fractured foot- three weeks of drama due to an insurance company that can't seem to find paperwork we sent three times- and clinic waiting rooms with wait times so long, Methuselah would have died had he gone in as a teenager.

I think the grand wait-time total was fourteen hours.

You'd think I'd be able to catch up on my writing and editing while we waited, but the staff interrupt you just enough that you get nothing done. They must have checked every corpuscle in his body by the time we actually got to see the doctors. This wasn't just once either- this happened every single time I had to go to an appointment with my  poor gimpy son in tow, because it was a new building, or a new wing of the hospital.

My son, however, was having a blast! No school until I could get the doc's note to allow him to use crutches, he was fussed over by the school staff, students, doctors, nurses and anyone he passed by on the street (he would wobble more on the crutches than usual when someone came near, then gleefully say "I fractured my foot!" getting the appropriate "Poor Guy!" response), taking in the essence of sympathy like the IRS takes in taxes. 

But these people never dealt with him at home, where he became a total invalid, incapable of doing anything but eating or sleeping- unless no one was looking. Then he would hop on one foot and do whatever it was he wanted to do, the little sneak.

Since the accident, he's been on no chore duty. My chore staff was down by one-third. It was just me and my daughter. Mostly not even me, since I was in the waiting rooms with my son. My daughter was...let's just say she wasn't thrilled.

So now I have a very messy house, a husband that was either doing overtime at work, or was at church (he's a deacon and also head of the church building care committee), a gimpy son and a really grumpy daughter. A daughter as of last week, had become sick with a spring cold.

I was the only remaining member of the housecleaning staff. Then my allergies hit me like a ram on a roller-coaster.

It's times like these I'm glad I have Jesus. But I would have liked to have a cleaning service too.

It's also times like these I know I'll never be caught up until everyone is a bit better (or available), so I took a cue from my kids. When I got too tired to move forward, I rested. And last week, I rested a lot.
I needed some time to recuperate from all the stress, not let a less-than-perfectly-clean house bother me (it's never really bothered me before this mess started, but I wanted the house to be somewhat cleaner than it was) and listen to what my body was telling me- If you keep this stuff up, I'm gonna hurt you. I've learned to listen.

I'm not God, so I can't do everything. God can do everything, and even He took a day off to rest- so who am I to try to do better than God? I'm not superwoman, I assure you. So when the kids are at school, and the morning chores are done, I'm going to rest- before my body decides to do it for me while I'm out food shopping.


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