Monday, July 14, 2014

Dreaming Big

I admit- I'm a dreamer.

I love to think "What if?" and dream of being a great success. I could dream all day, but that won't get me anywhere; I have to actually go out and do something.

So I found something to do. I write. 

I write a lot. 

In fact, I wrote so much I have a book written.

Once the book was finished, I told my friends, family, neighbors, people I don't know, and their dogs- "I wrote a book! I'm going to sell so many copies, I'll be a millionaire and do all kinds of good stuff with the money!"

My friends, family, neighbors and people I don't know told me, "Great!" Some of them even said "I hope you do!" 

Of course the dogs just wag their tails, lick me and sniff to see if I have any treats.

A few of my friends and family said, "A millionaire author? That's too big a dream, don't you think?"

And I thought to myself, is it? I began to think that maybe my dreams had bitten off more than I could chew.

Then one friend said "That's a pretty big dream- what's your plan?"

Plan? I had to have a plan? But what he said made sense. If I was going to dream big, I had to have some kind of action plan to pull it off. So I started setting up goals. But I didn't start them from the beginning- I started from the end. I went from being a millionaire author back to where I am now. 
That helped me to think bigger, dream better. Get the book on talk shows and radio programs? Why not? Contact all the big book sites? Of course? No step was too big to consider- after all, I was going to sell a ton of books! 

As for the nay-sayers that said I dream too big? If they're not big-time millionaire authors, I should take their advice with a grain of salt- a shaker of salt, really. Maybe the one that guy lost in that really popular song. 

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and having lofty goals- as long as you're willing to put the work behind it. Otherwise we're just another dreamer in a crowd of dreamers.

I saw a need, and I wrote a book to fill that need. This world needs clean humor, and yes, though my book does touch on subjects ladies go through, it's still clean, funny writing- something desperately lacking on the bookshelves and online stores. My goal is not just to become a millionaire author (though that would be awesome!) but to encourage people to laugh. I want them snerking in the bookstores, chortling online, and giggling with friends when they read my books together. 

So I suppose my biggest dream is to make the entire world laugh. If you're going to dream, why not dream as big as possible? Or would that be impossible?

Dream big. Have a plan. Let no one stop you. Your only regret will be that you didn't do it sooner!


Unknown said...

Realizing reams takes work. Big dreams take lots of work. But it CAN be done, so why not dream big, then make it work!

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