Monday, July 7, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary

I have little cards taped onto the shelves in my writing space. Some are instructional (deadlines, common grammar mistakes to look out for), and some have encouraging messages. One in particular says "Become world famous- not ordinary!"

Does this mean I want to have center stage at the Met with thousands of people cheering my name? No! Honestly, if that happened right now, I would need a mop and some medics on stage with me. What that statement means to me is this- step beyond the boundaries of ordinary and turn your ordinary life into something spectacular- and see what happens.

I am not quite ready for fame, nor do I want to be what the world determines is "famous"- I want to be the kind of famous that influences people long term that also makes them laugh when they think of me- and thinking deeper as they laugh.

That's one of the reasons I wrote my book (which is now in the hands of an agent as we speak- YAY!). I want to make the world laugh and to remember the good stuff- even if what happened wasn't particularly funny at the time, because it happened to me. Of course if it had happened to someone else, I would have been hysterical, but that's beside the point.

I like being "Extraordinarily Ordinary". It's awesome to see the world in a way that others don't, and I love seeing their eyes light up when they see things from a different perspective. That's a connection I hope to make with anyone I come in contact with- and I hope they would be willing to reciprocate. I enjoy seeing through their eyes too!

And that in turn makes us all just a bit more awesome...doesn't it?


thea williams said...

Bravo Beth! I like the way you think. I see you had a late night:)

Beth Brubaker said...

@thea williams

Actually, it was more of an early morning! I tend to write when I can't sleep. :)

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