Monday, August 17, 2015

God- He's All In My Head

Let me be totally honest with you- Until recently, I have not been the most avid of Bible readers.

A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to me to start reading His Word, instead of waiting for Him to speak to me. Yes, I know- "You've been a Christian for how long and you're just reading regularly now?" Yep. Better late than never!

I started with Luke, and have since made my way into Acts. I read a chapter a day, sometimes two if I have time. Funny things started happening. I began to see ways of using the verses in real life.

And God started speaking to my head.

Oh, not the voice He uses for the Seer, the Prophets, or anyone else on the higher-up scale of the God-touched, but when I asked a question, He would give me an answer- in my head.

How did I know? Because it wasn't an answer I always liked.

I would cry out "Why God? Why did this happen?" on particularly frustrating days, and I'd hear "Be still and know that I am God." or "Be patient." Or "Calm down and be at peace." He's a bit formal, but His voice always settles me- and nothing settles me when frustrations get the better of my temper!

Okay, almost nothing.

I also ask things like "Should I?" or "What do I do now?" and He answers "Yes", "No" and sometimes similar responses like the ones above when I'm frustrated. He doesn't always answer, but when He does, it's always clear.  

Want to know the funny thing is? I'm beginning to tell His head voice from my own!

In the past I've heard non-believing friends tell me "This God thing is all in your head." Well, that's true now- He is in my head. And my heart. And my soul. And reading His word helps me to stay on track. But I had to start doing it on my own- no one could tell me to start reading it. God put it on my heart for weeks before I started obeying- and I hope my response time improves. His response time certainly has!


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