Monday, August 10, 2015

The Egg And The Salad

A woman planted a garden and had one chicken, hoping that when the time came she would have a big harvest. When her cupboard was bare, she complained to God. "The food will be gone tonight Lord, I need that big harvest!" And God said, "Rest easy. I will provide."

The next day, she went out into the garden expecting a big harvest. But each plant had only bore one ripe tomato, a few spinach and lettuce leaves, a green pepper and a few peas. the chicken had laid a single egg. "This isn't enough!" she cried, to which God replied, "It's enough for today."

The woman went into the house with her meager fare. She ate the egg for breakfast and had a salad for supper. Then she went to bed.

Each day she went into the garden and received similar harvests. One each of a few vegetables, and a single egg. And each day she cried out to God, "It's not enough!" And God replied, "it's enough for today."

When the growing season was almost over, she once again cried out to God. "The growing season is almost over- what do I do now?" And God replied, "Oh ye of little faith! have I not provided for you this whole season? Why do you not believe I will provide for you in the winter also? Go into the forest and find berries, nuts and seeds, and catch small game- this I have provided for you for the winter."

It was then that she realized He had been providing for her the entire time. Not the massive harvest she had hoped for, but just enough that she never went a day without eating. She looked to God once more. "Just enough for today?" she asked with a slight grin. God smiled. "Just enough." He replied. 

"Thank you Lord!" She made her way into the forest to find God's bounty, carrying a little basket that would hold 'just enough.'

Sometimes I expect a huge harvest and complain when I get tiny blessings instead. I don't always appreciate the little gifts God provides, and instead complain that I didn't get the abundance I was expecting. Little blessings might not seem like enough at the time, but you might be surprised to find just how much they add up over time- and sometimes it's just enough to get the job done right!

I forget to thank Him for all the little things He does for me. It's a good thing He's a forgiving God, because I'd be in some serious trouble right now! So when I'm particularly dense and don't see the blessings until afterwards, I try very hard to thank Him for everything- especially for those blessings that are 'just enough'!


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