Monday, January 18, 2016

I Need To Be 'List'less

I love lists.

I love making lists. I love posting lists. I like making lists of lists. But I'm not very good at crossing things off of a list.

Lists are a major part of my life. they help me organize, make plans, keep plans, and help me to be productive. But sometimes I need to throw my lists merrily out the window.

Especially when God gets involved.

He got involved today. I had a list of things to do. It was a wonderful list; it was full of chores to be done, tasks to be completed, and I even managed to cross off a few items before God decided to throw me for a loop.

I received a call. Someone needed me to take them somewhere- they just couldn't get their on their own. I groaned inwardly. Didn't this person understand I had a list? In fact, I was out running my errands when she called! How was I going to get everything done with all of these list interruptions?

Then God tapped me on the head as of to say Now, now, that's not what I taught you...

As this point I could tell you I was a good Christian, smiled and said "Okay God!" and sped off. But nooooo, I mutter-grumbled and wondered why He would wreck my schedule like this. I knew the reasons why, but I still grumbled. And muttered. I sighed and turned the van around to pick her up and took her where she needed to go. And back.

She was so grateful, how could my heart not be moved? This is what God wanted me to do today- He didn't give a hoot that I didn't get my sewing room straightened or the floors vacuumed. He doesn't care too much about lists- my lists anyway; He sometimes prefers me to be 'list'less so He can do His good works through me.

Can't really be a vessel of blessing if I'm too darned busy to hear His call, now can I?

I'm still learning to listen. Sometimes I have to put aside the lists and ask God what He wants me to do, then go do it. I also need to stop hesitating and mutter-grumbling when He asks me to do something. I'm not a perfect Christian- not even close!- but He does teach me something new about myself and Him everyday.

And that is a list I really should be making!


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