Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Inner Brains- Kid vs. Adult

This is not a post about kids versus adults; it's about the clash of the brains- inside my head.

My kid brain wants stuff. My adult brain thinks it knows better and refrains. And sometimes the arguments are quite interesting.

For instance- I'm hungry. I could eat the doughnuts my husband brought home (quick and easy) or I can make myself something (time consuming but healthier). The argument in my head goes something like this:

Adult: No. We are trying to lose weight.
Adult: We can make something else up in about ten to fifteen minutes.
Kid: We don't have fifteen minutes! 
Adult: (sighs as she looks in the fridge) Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich?
Kid: We have to leave soon and I'm hungry NOW!
Adult: What about an apple?
Kid: Doughnuts don't have cores- oh wait- some do, but they're usually creamy- and you can eat them!
Adult: They make a mess.
Kid: You can lick your fingers!
Adult: But...
Kid: Too late! We have to go now- DOUGHNUT!!
Adult: Just this once...

....aaaand that's why I'm fat.

But sometimes, just sometimes my adult brain wins.

Kid: Let's go do something fun and dangerous!
Adult: Like what?
Kid: Go pet that bear!
Adult: Pet the bear. Right.
Kid: He's so fuzzy and cute...and see? He's smiling!
Adult: You want me to go up to the fuzzy smiling bear and pet him.
Kid: Or her. I can't tell from here. 
Adult: No.
Kid: Why?
Adult: Because I like having arms.
Kid: Awww! (pouts)
Adult: Let's go feed the goats.
Kid: okay!

It's not easy having two brains, especially when they argue. But I'm sure most of you understand what I go through each day. I won't even mention the writer's brain and all the characters that she brings along- it's a wonder I get anything done at all!

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes my brains agree with each other. And sometimes my kid brain teaches my adult brain something.

Kid: Did you see that? Awesome!
Adult: What?
Kid: That awesome big blue bird that just flew by! Oh! He's at the window now!
Adult: The blue jay?
Kid: YES!!
Adult: Nice bird.
Kid: Lookit! It's playing with a squirrel!
Adult: Shh! Trying to do work here!
Kid: (makes me turn my head to the window) Look! How cool is that?
Adult: (gives in and watches) wow- that is cool!
Kid: God does some really cool stuff.
Adult: Yes, He does.
Kid: Just don't be too busy to miss God's blessings...okay?
Adult: (smiles) Gotcha.

Do you have a kid and adult brain? Do they argue too? Please don't let me be the only one that does- otherwise the guys in the white coats might be coming for me soon...

Kid: ...But the long sleeves and buckles are so cool! You can scratch the hard-to-reach itchy spot on your back, and...
Adult: Shaddap.

It doesn't matter if you are of two minds, or five, or even ten- as long as all of them love God. Don't be afraid to let your kid brain show you something cool and interesting about Him each day. That's what makes God smile- even more than cute, fuzzy, arm-eating bears!


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