Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be a Clown, Be a Clown, Be a Clown!

My mother always told me I was a clown.

My teachers confirmed I was a clown.

My bosses reprimanded me for being a clown.

But I never thought I'd become one.

One day I received a phone call. It was the party company I'd applied to for face painting. They wanted me to be a clown, but I resisted. The custom costume was too expensive. I couldn't work with all that fabric fluttering about me. The shoes were too big. I wasn't ready for that. So they said I could wear a tuxedo shirt and black shoes with black slacks and I'd be fine.
Then the idea began to grow on me. I had an idea for my signature face makeup and even picked a name- but that was as far as I had gotten.

Today I got a phone call from the party company. They needed a face-painting clown- stat.

He thought I bought a clown costume. 

He thought I had the wig and shoes. 

I thought he was joking- after all, the tuxedo shirt and shoes were in my closet, raring to go! But no, he needed a face painting clown


I told him I had no costume. 
He said he would lend me one.

He asked if I had a face design for my clown costume. I said sort of. 
He said he had an employee that would help me out with that.

I still don't have a wig or shoes. I have to buy them.
Thank You God for Amazon. I also found an inexpensive costume that comes with shoe doo-dads to hide my sneakers. I hope it all gets here in time for the party! 
If not, Helloooo party rental boss? I might need a wig....

I have never clowned- at least to this scale.
I have never painted at a private party. All of my work has been done at public events.
I have never been so nervous before!

Egad squared. I'm going to be a clown this weekend. A real one. Even if the costume and wig are loners.

By next week, I'll have a clown costume of my very own. 
I'll have my signature face. Maybe even get some funky new rainbowy sneakers.
And my new clown name? Cupie, as in cupie doll. 
Cupie the Clown.
Or QP- as in Quick Painter- or maybe Quivering Prayer. Either one would work right now.

Good grief- what have I gotten myself into?


Unknown said...

You're a natural-you'll be great! Stepping out of your comfort zone---albeit with clown shoes---you go girl!

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