Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Making Time

Time used to be something I had. It was a fickle thing, but for the most part really awesome whenever I possessed it. But then, it happened.

Time slipped through my fingers and went merrily down the sewer.

Now the only way I can make time is if I manufacture my own watches. You know, watches- those time things that used to be on people's wrists? Oh, never mind...
The only way I can make time is if I reset the clock on my smartphone back a few months. 

Or years.

I look at the pages in my scheduler and see vast waves of almost-nothingness- when I go past the two upcoming months that is- and think 'I'll have time to do that then,' or 'Great! We'll do this three months from now!' But when I get there, it's a different story. I get booked and have no time for the fun things in life.

That is so not the way I should do things!

I know better. I just forget to plan and reserve certain days for family fun and friend get-togethers. We wind up asking people the last minute when they are booked, so we wind up doing something else- usually filling those gaps with more work. Yay.

This has got to change, before I go stark raving screwball nutso! 

This week I plan to open my scheduler and claim those blank pages in the name of Sanity. This day for friends at the fire pit, that day for breakfast out, and that weekend for family camping, sans technology. Then when those days come, we have it all covered and can finally relax.

Don't wait to 'make time' with your loved ones- including friends. Make that time count now. Make plans. save up for trips. Give yourself time to be alone if you have to- that's what I do when we're camping! I let my husband take the kids fishing or exploring, and I sit at the camp reading and just listening to the birds, squirrels and God. It's awesome.

Last year we didn't do much of anything because I didn't plan to do anything. We wound up working and cleaning up the house and yard. Whoopty-stinkin'-doo. Memories aren't made doing chores!

Think about that for a second. You never hear the kids say "Hey- remember that time we took the trash out?" Nope...never gonna happen. And if they do say things like that, you really need to go out and do something with them. Stat.

It's not easy to make time for you, your family and your friends. But it's important to get away from the screens and devices and get face-to-face with your peeps once in a while. Don't let time escape down the sewer. Hold it close and savor it as often as you can!


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