Friday, July 8, 2011

I Have to Wait?!?

What is God doing to me?

There's a lot of stuff going on here, but I have to wait for it. I want to have a yard sale NOW. No, I have to wait. I want to get a new house NOW. No, I have to wait. I want the syndicate to call me, NOW. NOW would be really good. In fact, NOW would be monumentally fantastic! But no- I have to wait.

Patience is a virtue that I simply do not posses. Not even a mustard seed's worth.

It's beginning to affect my everyday life too. I want dinner NOW. But I have to cook it first. I want to lose weight NOW. But I have to eat right and go to the gym for the next five years. I want the perfect life NOW. But I pretty much have to die first. Well, that one I don't mind waiting a little bit longer for. I just hate waiting for stuff!

I don't think I'd mind so much if some things came NOW and some later- at least there would be a sense of moving forward, some feeling of closure; but having to wait for almost everything makes me feel as if I'm in quicksand, and the vine is just out of reach. I can't get my hands on it, because I have to work my way towards it first. And that takes time.

I know God does everything good, and He does so in His time, but He is eternal, and my lifespan is like that of a gnat compared to Him! He's got all eternity to do what He wants! And He's going to make me wait?!?

You bet your boots He is.

If I got everything I wanted right away, I would be a spoiled brat. He makes me wait (especially for the bigger stuff) because He wants me to learn patience, pray and work for it. Patience isn't in my genes; He has to teach me. And I am quite the lousy student!

I've decided to change my mindset to one of anticipation instead of irritation. Like a kid waiting for his birthday party- It's better to look forward to having all your friends over than to be grumpy because they aren't there yet!

I still want stuff NOW, but I'll wait. I'll have to wait- I don't have much of a choice in the matter! But I'll enjoy the wait, because God is indeed, good.

And when is He good? NOW!


Anonymous said...

Yes Beth! You said it well. God is good now!!

Kristin Bridgman said...

I love your new mindset. . ."anticipation instead of irritation".

I really enjoy your blog!

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