Monday, July 25, 2011

The Calm Before the Blessing....

There's an apprehension right before a thunderstorm...the sense that the world is muffled; birds streak for the trees but don't utter a sound, the wind stills, and there is an expectancy in the air of something big and powerful about to happen.

Then you start to feel it....

The wind picks up, then you begin to feel cool droplets of rain. The lower clouds scuttle underneath their bigger brothers- but then the rain stops, and the wind dies down again. You know it's not over, but you're disappointed. Where was the big show? The lightning, the thunder? It'll come, the storm promises, but not yet. Be patient.

This is where I am with God. He's making me wait again.

I love to watch thunderstorms. The excitement as a flash of lightning makes me jump, thunder booming so loud it makes the cats run for cover, tails fluffed so full they look like my static dusters. Such as it is with blessings, without the fluffy-tail part. When blessings come, it can be just as exciting (or more-so!) than any thunderstorm.

When they get here, that is!

When you get a raindrop instead of the expected downpour, it's hard to be thankful for that raindrop. It's like winning a dollar in the 'Win Millions' lottery- you won something, but (in the illustrious words of Garfield the cat) Big, Fat, Hairy Deal.

But that dollar is a dollar more than you had, and that raindrop did wet your tongue a little. You can feel God moving in the undercurrents of your life. You know something fantazmagorical is going to happen soon. That doesn't mean you don't want everything to happen now. 'You', of course, meaning me.

Dear God, You are eternal, and my lifespan is like a gnat compared to You. Please-oh-please-oh-please let something good happen soon! Either that, or make me live longer so I can wait!

Oh sure, I could ask for patience, but I'd want it right now, and I don't think He's in the mood to hear me whine.

I'll go pray some more, and find more things to write about to keep me busy. In the meantime, I'll thank Him for my droplets, but prepare my buckets for the rain!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Yes, the art of patient waiting. It will probably take me a lifetime to master it. I love the description of the cats. At times I feel like one, puffing up at any perceived danger and running for cover when I should be trusting. And yes, the little rain drop instead of the deluge. At least the rain drop, one after another do eventually fill a bucket. Great post, Beth!

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