Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The National Debt- An Old School Solution

Every other day I hear on the radio, or on the TV - "Four Days Until the Nation Defaults"..."Three More..."..."Two More"..."We Have a Solution! Extend The Debt And Save Trillions!"

Excuse me, but HUH?!? How do you pay the debt by allowing more of it? It sounds a lot like a shopoholic- you have no money in the bank, but you're ahead thousands....or in this case, trillions.


What we need is an old -school solution to this problem. But it requires both the government and our own elbow grease to do it!

First, to the government- stop giving money to other countries! How can we possibly get out of debt if we're giving it all away to countries that don't know how to handle money in the first place? Would you hand an infant twenty bucks and send them to the store? You're better off funding missionaries from this country and send them in- at least they know what they're doing!

Second, pull back our troops. They don't want to be there, the foreign countries don't want them there, and we don't want them there. Stop wasting lives and bring our guys back to the US for terrorist lookout duty.

Third, cut funding to stupid research. No one needs to know the life cycle of dirt, or that naked mole rats are truly naked. Leave that to the people at Nova.

Fourth, Cut all politicians salaries down to those of the lower-middle class or lesser. This country's original leaders weren't paid a lot because they were given power instead- it kept them humble. We could use some humility in the government right now. This one alone could pay down a lot of the debt after the first five years!

Fifth, Take care of our own. No freebies for illegal aliens. No papers, we show you the door until you have the proper documents. Limited help for legal aliens until they become a citizen. And once they become a citizen, they get treated the same as we do.

Sixth, fix the health care system. Get everything done the same day, with the same doctor. Not only will you save time, but the gasoline saved from the millions of trips back and forth alone would not only save us money as consumers, but make the environment healthier!

Seventh, get someone who actually knows how to budget in the White House- Several someones. Either that or find a way to teach these people that raising the credit limit of a debt doesn't mean you're paying it off- especially when nothing was done to stop the debt from growing! It's like trying to stop a broken water pipe with band-aids- it just ain't gonna work!

And last, but not least, bringing back the family structure. Moms and Dads staying together in one house. One goes to work, one stays home. I know it sounds simple, but look at it this way- if 50,000 people (that's 25,000 couples) did this instead of having both parents working (and let's say many of these families were just using the second job to buy a lot of luxuries), that's a whopping 25,000 more jobs that would help others who have no job. The unemployment rate is close to ten percent at the moment!

That's a lot of people out of work. And that would be a lot of jobs available that would allow people to get off of welfare.

If we just sacrificed a little of the extras with one parent staying home, you'd save money on day care and sitters, and your kids will be brought up by you, not some stranger, so they'll be taught your values. They in turn become better citizens, and stay out of trouble a lot more often than if you weren't there at all. I'm not saying Junior won't ever get into trouble (not telling you how I know that!), but it should be to a much lesser degree if we pay attention to them. And it's good for kids not to get everything they ask for either; sacrifices are often character builders!

I think too many of these politicians needed a good swat up-side the head when they were kids. Some need a good swat now.

It's too bad I'm on the other side of the country- it's a far walk to the White House!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Want a job in the White House? I'd vote for you! Great ideas, simple workable. Why can't the politicians see it? Your first suggestion is the very same one I've been harping on for a long time. We can't give what we don't have. Great post!

Unknown said...

Gee you could have written this just last week. Funny how things don't change.

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