Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out Of The Box Thinking

I decided it was time for some fun today and wanted to share some of my odder more odd weird thoughts with you. Better get some brain food, because you'll wonder why no one else came up with this stuff first (or maybe they did and I'm clueless...)

Here goes...

Dogs love rolling in smelly stuff. Dogs love to stink ...er have scent all over them- so why isn't there a bacon scented body spray for dogs? I think both species would be a lot happier if there was! And Rover would be occupied all day long just sniffing himself for the bacon you hid in his fur.

 Why do they have little caps to put over a cats' claws? Wouldn't it just be easier to clip them?

I actually found a book on making dog treats, but not one for kitty treats...they have doggie treat books, doggie restaurants and bakeries, but the cats are left out- is it because dogs are just more appreciative, or are the cats being too finicky? 

Why do they have dog bakeries anyway? Dogs would be just as happy if you gave them a hot dog rubbed in the dirt! Perhaps especially if it were rubbed in the dirt!

There are three ways of looking at the unclothed:
Naked- having no clothing on.
Nude- having no clothing on and in an artful pose.
Nekkid- having no clothing on- and you're up to something.

Rita Rudner, comedian, quipped, 'You mix flour and water, and you have glue- you add eggs and sugar, you get cake- where did the glue go?' To my hips, Rita, to my hips!

If art is all about perspective, then my bathroom door should be art- there's a crack in the paint that looks just like a cheetah's face. 
Totally. Awesome. 
I'd sell it on Ebay, but it's not my door- it's the landlord's. :(

How is it my son can be sleeping on the third floor with the door shut, and I'm in the basement under a bathtub- yet he can hear me opening up a candy bar?

And how can this same child not hear me when I call him down for chores?

And last, but not least, why don't salads taste as good as chocolate??


Connie Arnold said...

Those are great, Beth! Thanks for adding the smiles to my day.

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