Monday, March 19, 2012

Pudding Zombie

Have you ever had a craving for something and weren't satisfied with anything else until you feasted on said craving? That was me, after going food shopping the other day.

There I was, cruising the bulk food store aisles and looking for a particular rare treat- a big ol' can of vanilla pudding. It was cheap, it was easy to eat, and it came in a huge can- my three favorite reasons why I buy it.
There was only one problem- I couldn't find it anywhere.
I found an employee and asked where the pudding was, and they gave me the worst news ever- we no longer carry that item.
No. It couldn't be. They wouldn't do that to me- I've been shopping here for years, and they always have it! It had to be somewhere in the store- they were just keeping it for themselves!

And that's when the Pudding Zombie raised her ugly little head.

I lumbered up and down each aisle, my eyes sunken and hopeless as I groaned in a voice fully of weariness and deprivation, 'Puuuuuud- diiiiing....'

People avoided me like the plague.

The guy even had the nerve to offer me a substitute item- pudding cups. I didn't want no stinkin' fifteen dollar box of pudding cups! I wanted my vat of cheapo pudding! I got in line and checked out, dragging myself and my purchases to the car, despondent.

I have yet to have any type of pudding product. That pudding might have been cheapo, but it was good pudding- I didn't want the stuff made for kids- I'd be in a sugar rush for the next two weeks! So the Zombie in me is looking on the internet for a good vanilla pudding recipe- maybe I can make something myself to sate the Pudding Zombie's needs. Poor thing!

But this made me realize something significant- sometimes we move like this through life- shuffling like Pudding Zombies, searching for that something we seem to be craving. I'm not talking pudding either- I'm talking about sating that hunger in our hearts. We need to look deep into ourselves and stop being Pudding Zombies, shuffling from aisle to aisle, looking for something that just can't be found on the outside. Look past that zombie and see what the real cravings are.

If you do, I guarantee you aren't going to find pudding!

Keep searching your heart. Accept no substitutions. Stop being like a zombie shuffling through life, and take action to sate that hunger. You won't regret it!

As for me, my hungry heart needed God. He sates my spiritual hunger, and gives me the living water I need to quench a parched throat- Though I have to admit, my stomach still wants pudding!


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