Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ask and Ye Shall Receive(r)!

Even though we know what to do, we're so used to not doing whatever it is, we just don't think to actually do it when the time comes. Confused? Allow me to explain.

When I call a company with a problem, I hate getting computers that answer the phone. I hate the requests to push this option, speak that option, and still don't get my answer. Today was no different, except I was short on time and temper, and had enough of playing verbal ping-pong with a computer.

When the last option sent me right back to the beginning menu, I held my cell phone before me and yelled "I need a human!"

I intended to hang up right there. But then I heard the computer say "You would like to speak with a representative- is this correct?" I was somewhere between laughing and being flabbergasted. "Yes!" I exclaimed into my cell phone, still wondering if this was really happening. "Please hold..." was the reply, and darned if that computer didn't get me a real human being!

Even the people I got on the line (yes, even the humans felt the need to transfer me to other departments) laughed when I told them my story- and my issues were dealt with...eventually.

I hung up the phone (okay, it's a cell- I folded it) and wondered why I just didn't ask for a human in the first place. Why did I play button tag with the computer for over five minutes? Simply because I didn't think to ask until I was really, really frustrated.

It doesn't always work that way- sometimes you have to push '0' (a good tip for those that are not in the know), but the point is I only got through because I tried.

Then I began to wonder what God thought about all this. There He is, waiting for us to call Him, and all we have to do is ask and stop playing with the stupid buttons!

I'd have saved myself a lot of grief had I thought to call out "I need a human!" in the first place, instead of jumping through digital hoops.  The same goes for God. Stop trying to find the right buttons and just call out "I need God!" Believe me, He'll answer!

Remember these tips the next time you need someone (or Someone)- before you get frustrated!


Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Awesome! And so spot on, especially since I am a Customer Service Rep!

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