Monday, October 8, 2012

Box Thoughts- Inside and Out

I saw a post the other day that said "Everyone tells me to think 'outside the box'- What's so wrong about thinking inside the box?" I posted something funny (as I usually do), but that comment got me thinking- what is so wrong about thinking inside the box?

Absolutely nothing!

Speaking as a mom with an Asperger son as well as being a creative thinker in my own right, I am quite familiar with 'outside the box' thinking. However, my husband is a well-grounded person, and tends to think more 'inside the box' than out. We make a well-balanced pair. He keeps me grounded, while I help him think creatively. Basically, we need both types in this world to have a good balance!

Imagine the inside thinkers as strings tied to solid ground. Imagine the outside thinkers as kites. A kite without a string just meanders around and sometimes crashes because there's nothing to guide it when the wind blows. A string without a kite just lays there unmoving, stagnant unless something comes along to motivate it. Together it's a good working relationship; the kite is grounded but can fly better, and the string helps control the flight. This is beneficial in any relationship including work, friendships, and family. Both thinkers need the other to become better.

Are you an inside the box thinker, or an outside the box thinker? Is there someone you get along with that thinks differently than you do? Try brainstorming with that person and see what great things you come up with!


Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I am an inside the box thinker. My husband is an outside the box thinker. We usually make a good pair when working together. But I also recognize that as a woman and a crafter I think differently than he does. Life is good!

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