Monday, October 22, 2012

Gifts Versus Skills

So what is the difference between a gift and a skill anyway?

I'm a writer. That's my skill, not my gift. I had to work on my writing skills. It doesn't come natural to me, though I love writing! My gift is cadence. I can mimic any poetic style and have an 'ear' for the written word. When something is out of cadence, it rubs me raw and I must fix it- it's a moral imperative. Cadence is a gift that I use it to enhance my writing skills.

A gift is something that comes as naturally to you as breathing. You can't not use it. For me, cadence affects every part of my life, especially when I listen to music.

A skill is something you like doing or have a knack for, but it's something you have to study and practice to make better. Gifts are the batteries, Skills are the machines. You can run a machine without batteries, but it runs better with them. Try to ride a motocycle by just using your legs and you'll see where I'm going with this. Gifts lend power to the skills.

Take a good long look at what you like to do versus what you tend to do naturally. You might be surprised!

(this post was inspired by the writer Jeff Goins' post on his blog, Jeff Goins, Writer)


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