Monday, January 7, 2013

I Once Was Blind- But Now I See!

Amazing grace is one of my favorite hymns- little did I know it would also be a great testimony!

Once upon a time, a man had an accident and had third degree burns on thirty-five percent of his body. He even burned one of his eyes, and was in the hospital for eighteen days.

Three weeks later, he was back to work. One month later, he was put on full duty. Yet his eye, though healing, was still blurry.

His wife was just thankful for him being alive, and didn't care what condition he was in, as long as he wasn't hurting anymore.

Then one day, he visited the eye doctor. The doc had him take another eye chart test. He failed. It seemed his vision was getting worse.

At least until he asked the doctor if he could try the test again, this time with his glasses off.

You see, for the past few weeks his vision was getting blurry in the burned eye, but only when he had put his glasses on. For the record, the 'good' eye was 650/20, while the burned eye was 550/20.


After the appointment was over, he came to his wife and said, "The doc said my eye has changed, and I have to get a new prescription." Being the smartypants husband he was, used a tone that implied the worst. Before his wife could have a chance to worry (as she was wont to do) he grinned and told her the rest of the news.

"Of course I could just save us a lot of money by popping out the left lens of my glasses- I took the eye test without the glasses on and he said the vision in my left eye is 40/20- that's almost normal vision."


From being 'almost' blind to 'almost' normal vision? His vision was never even close to normal his entire life! Yet the burns stripped away enough of the lens that when it healed it reshaped itself- making his vision better. Much better.

The eye doc couldn't explain it- but the man and his wife could. 


Not only did God allow him to remain on earth a little longer, He healed him in ways that were totally unexpected- inside and out. 

And all this wife has to say is...Thank You God, for all You've done for us. You gave me back my husband. You healed his vision. It doesn't matter that one eye was healed and not the other- the fact is that my husband is a living miracle! 

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me,
We once were lost, but now we're found, was blind, but now he sees!


E said...

Wow, what a powerful testimony! This was your husband?!? Praise God!

Beth Brubaker said...


Yes!! Isn't God good? :)

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