Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Habits Don't Fit

I know, I know, the saying is supposed to go 'Old Habits Die Hard', but mine aren't dying hard- mine are hiding in the closet so I don't get rid of them- kind of like all those clothes that don't fit.

Since we've moved, I thought I could change habits easier because we have a new set-up and haven't had a regular schedule since I started packing. There was only one problem. 

I took me with me!

Spending too much time on the computer? You betcha! Getting housework done? Not so much. In fact, my habits are slowing making their way back into my life like those spandex pants I wore back in the 80's. You know you'll never wear them again, but you just can't make yourself get rid of them.

Not because they're out of style either. That particular habit won't fit if I had a shoe horn and a can of axle grease. Even Spandex has it's limits.

Unfortunately my habits are comfortable. Like pajama jeans or brand-new sweat pants. I've never owned a pair of the former, but I own a ton of the latter, and They. Feel. Good. They might not be the best thing in my closet, but who will see me anyway? Well, the same goes for my bad habits.

Oh sure, the house is clean now, but if I ignore the chores, the house will get dirty and cluttered. Not to mention my mind will be a pool of gelatinous grey goo from watching the Cat Channel online for five hours straight. Or playing Words with Friends, trying to fool myself into thinking I'm doing something creative concerning writing, since it's words. Yeah, right. And I'll get my daily dose of potassium if I keep eating potato chips too.

So why do I keep putting on these old habits anyway? Because they're safe. Because they're keeping me from trying something new. Because they're familiar- even if they are bad for me. I'm in my little box with my computer and as long as the power is on, I'm happy. Or at least I feel that way while I'm in front of the screen.

But at the end of the day I lie awake and stare into the dark, wondering what I else could have done today, because in reality I haven't done a darned thing. Oh sure, I ran a few errands, and did a few minor things to get by, but have I really put myself out there? Did I really do what God wanted me to?

And if you're like me, your answer will probably match mine. Nope. Not a ding-dang thing. Or not enough to make a difference. Either way, it stinks.

We need to get rid of those old, comfortable habits that tend to take over our lives, pull up those big-girl pants and get moving. Do something different. Do something you've been meaning to do but didn't do in forever. Call someone and ask them to help you be accountable if you're not a self-starter. Not everyone is you know- and there's no shame in asking for help- especially if you offer them cookies or chocolate beforehand.

I've decluttered my bedroom closet, but I haven't decluttered my mental closet. I've gotten rid of those Spandex pants (some kid is probably using them as a giant slingshot about now), and now I'm ready to take on the world- or at least the world of homemaking. And writing. You pick your task and get it done. As for me, I'll turn off the computer so I'm not tempted and put on some music instead. 

I'll stop thinking about it, planning it, and mentally preparing myself for it. It's just a waste of energy. I going to be like Nike and Just Do It, and it will get done. And if you do the same, you'll feel better about things too!


Webby said...

Ah, but you have the comfort of a new home. We seem to follow ourselves all the time. I can't seem to get this old hag that follows me around to leave me alone. Oh, to have the good old days when I could do so much more.
Love your blog!

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