Monday, April 15, 2013

Found Treasures!

Clutter is a very bad, really, really, bad, bad thing. 

This time the clutter is my yet unpacked sewing room. Everything I wanted to keep before the move was packed up- after I promised my husband I would get rid of at least half. 

I did as I promised, and I still have a lot of stuff to unpack.

At the moment I have no storage to put my treasures away, so it's all staying in the boxes. 
Sort of.

The other day a friend wanted to see my fabrics, so I tried to wrangle the boxes around to show her. Unfortunately due to lack of room, I could only show her a single box- but it was nice to see my precious fabrics bright and cheerful in the sunlight. Ahh.

After she left, I was perusing the boxes and remembered a set of binders that held my collection of craft magazine clippings, neatly organized (sorta kinda). it didn't take long before I found them and dragged them out of their cardboard prisons- I felt like a kid in a candy store! It really felt like I'd found treasure- only this treasure was 'lost' in moving boxes for almost four months.

I've done that with recipes too. That one recipe I could never find, then months later I open a cookbook and there it is- used as a bookmark for another recipe. Or I rescued it from the recycling bin- or from my kids art project. The point is I found it and now I get to play and imagine all over again!

Have you ever done that? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments!


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