Monday, April 1, 2013

10 Days Makes One Weak

Is the Easter holiday really over?

It all started last Friday, when my husband and the kids had the day off. We tried to shove as much as we could into the week, and in doing so, not one person got up this morning refreshed and alert- it was more like Zombie World On Prozac.

I'm here all the time anyway, so I didn't even consider this a holiday. I still had to cook and clean and do other homey, housewifey stuff, but then I had to arrange BBF meetings for my kids so they would stop climbing the walls or go blind watching TV and computer screens all day. My husband got a three day weekend out of it, and went back to work last Monday, more tired than when he came home on Friday!

And don't get me started about trying to get these teenage people outside for some fresh air. I think they went out once to cruise the neighborhood for new friends, and came back ten minutes later, telling me that they are the only two kids on the planet.

Luckily my cell phone was at hand and I made some 'play date' appointments (though it's not really called that anymore for tweens and teens- more like Geting-together or hanging out time), and heard cheers from two people who I thought were out of earshot. They wanted out of the house bad, and (at that time) I was their hero.

Until I mentioned the stipulations of these gatherings- chores needed to be done before they left. Want some cheese with that whine?

But they did their part and managed to get enough done to satisfy me, and off they went, shooting out the door the second their ride arrived. Moms were willing to pick my kids up because I didn't have a car- and probably so their own offspring would get their claws out of the walls.

Church was the only time I was required to sit for a decent period of time, and since my daughter was performing an interpretive dance with her age group, it was the icing on the cake. The Lord made those seats extra cushy that day and I think I discreetly fell asleep twice- just don't tell my pastor- I think he was hoping I was praying!

After church was our feast. The moment we arrived home it was time too prep and cook about ten different things, including salads and desserts. When it comes to feeding people we are experts on filling them until they waddle, and this was no different. Easter Sunday boasted a table full of food, and seventeen mouths to eat it. Everyone ate well, conversed much and left satisfied. Leftovers were stored away for meals for us for the next century.

And now it's Monday.

The kids are in school, my husband is at work, and I am alone with my two cats. Thank You Jesus. It's weeks like these that make me appreciate being an at-home mom!


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