Monday, March 30, 2015

God's Colon

During one Women's Fellowship meeting, the question arose- what part are you in the body of God?

After reading all of the answers, God's body wound up having three ears, five legs, one foot and twelve hands- not exactly the epitome of beauty. But who wants to be God's elbow? Or His pinkie? 

And who would ever want to be His colon?

No one wants to talk about it, but if we didn't have this handy little organ, all of us would be full of...well, you get the idea. And though Christians don't like to compare themselves to God's digestive tract, some of us actually do what this necessary organ does.

Congregants that don't put up with anyone'

Pastors help us go through the junky stuff in our lives and help us find the nutrients we need to thrive.

Administrators rifle through paperwork and unclog the finances to keep things running smooth in the church.

Congregants with discernment can sense when someone is 'causing a blockage' and isn't afraid to say so. Not always the best way to go, but sometimes laxatives are needed when there's a hold-up in ministry. The congregant has a choice though- go directly to the person (if it's personal), or go to a Deacon (if it's a management issue).

Maybe it's the person who took on too much and can't say no, but also can't handle the job. Maybe someone is just too shy and needs a little encouragement. Maybe someone needs ideas to kick-start a ministry and get things going. That's where the Deacons come in. They help others to progress, giving them a push in the right direction.

Not everyone is suited to be God's colon. Not everyone wants to be God's colon! But God made all of our parts to work as a whole. The stomach can't work without a colon. The heart can't work without the colon and stomach. Muscles don't work without nutrients. Yes, it's a messy organ. But it's vital to the health and well-being of the entire body.

After all, How can God's body work with three ears, five legs, one foot and twelve hands- and no colon? 


Unknown said...

Ha! Your way of thinking is so unique . . . to say the least. Of course it is also thought provoking. I may not have the gifting to be a colon, but maybe I can be one of the cilia that helps move things along-

Beth Brubaker said...

@Kate Hodges

The drawing that was made with all the hands and one foot at my women's fellowship group was a real inspiration for this post! thanks Kate! It's fun thinking outside the box!

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