Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doing Something Different

Ever get into a rut? You find yourself doing the same things day after day, with no vigor, no energy, no fun? It might just be your mindset, and not the tasks before you!

Dare to do something different today- even if it's something silly like putting on your socks before you get dressed, or skipping around the house when no one's looking! Large or small, just do at least one thing out of the daily routine.

Get into the mindset of doing small things in a way that would make you (and those around you) smile, or even laugh! Put on some music that you haven't listened to since you were a teenager, and do what you have to do- including housework- but this time put some energy into it! Wear something funky and fun, put on two different color socks, anything that will put you into a more positive mindset!

If you're not into the music or clothing thing, have lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a while- one that makes you laugh. Do something out of the house you don't normally do, like take a neighborhood walk, visit a park or window shop- just so long as the activity makes you happy! Part of being in a rut is the mental attitude- and once the attitude changes, the rut tends to disappear!

But what if it doesn't?

Then you need to give a great deal of thought as to why the rut remains. Maybe God is telling you that changes need to be made in your lifestyle or work, parenting or marriage. Maybe you haven't been putting enough effort into making things interesting! Interesting in a good way.

Start with the small things- Change your work space (and home space) to include things that have a positive bent to them. Your favorite bible verse printed out and put on the wall (or fridge), a new plant in the window, Inspirational quotes framed and hung on the wall (Mine is: Inspiration doesn't come to you; You need to go after it with a bat!), or a nice picture of something you like. Put these things in a space where you are the most, so you see it every day as much as possible.

As for relationships and work (aka the big stuff), the only changes you can control are in yourself. A positive attitude is a big part of it, but you have to also put a real effort into relationships and your job, not just coast along (which is probably how the rut started in the first place!) Change what you can (including finding another job if need be, or counseling if in a marriage and kids), and accept things you simply cannot change. Pray, talk to friends and family, and find ways of making life a bit happier, if not easier. Find the gold in those Horse-Poo Days!


lynnmosher said...

Awesome post, Beth! Loved it! Thanks for the encouragement to do something fun and different to lift one's spirit! Be blessed!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Ah, change. I've seen so much, but your post still chanllenges me to think positive about the changes I experience. And you are so right, all I can really control is my response.

God Mission Possible said...

Great post Beth! Great advice and yes - we all get "stuck" in a rut and need our backside kicked once in a while. Thanks for the attitude adjustment! :)

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