Friday, April 1, 2011

The Value of Time

What is it with these professionals that think it's okay to show up late to an appointment?

I go to the doctor's office on time, only to find out the doctor isn't even there yet- or I have to wait for him to finish with another patient, and go in at least thirty minutes later than my appointed time.
The cable guy comes late, while I sit and stew, wondering when I can get my errands done. The plumber shows up two hours late and greets me with a smile.

What he thinks is a returned smile is me grinding my teeth in frustration!

But I don't yell, because I need him to fix the leak in my basement. A sink full of dishes and six loads of laundry are great motivators to just shut my yap and let him do his job- now that he finally showed up!

I am an at-home mother, wife, and homemaker. So why is my time not valued as much as those with a degree?

For instance- I was at a doctor's appointment for one o'clock. I showed up early (because I hate being late), and brought a book to read until he was ready for me. One o'clock passes, and when I look at the clock again, it's now it's one-thirty. I ask the receptionist when was he going to take me in (since I was the first patient), and was told that the doctor hadn't even arrived yet!

I had several thoughts about this. One,there were too many witnesses if I tried to kill him when he did show up. Two, if I'd throttled him, we were in a hospital, and they could easily revive him after I'd made my point. Three, if I had killed the man, I would never get my little five minute exam done.

Then I'd have to make another appointment.

This was just a little 'How are things going?' checkup, that would have taken only a few minutes. I was told to wait, and they finally decided to stick me in a room with a robe that wouldn't cover a gnat. I think they did it to keep me from starting a riot, because I was causing dissension among the ranks of the other patients. It was almost two o'clock before the doctor came strolling into my room.

And I let him have it.

I did get an apology, but was also told that doctors working in the clinic (where I was) had other duties before they come here, and that I should not get upset if they're late. It didn't matter that I would now be late to pick up my daughter from school- I was told to make other plans for her pick-up the next time.

Oh Really? Over an hour waiting time for an exam that took less than five minutes to perform- and I'm the one who needs to schedule my time better?

It looks like there's a professional that isn't so professional, isn't there? Buck-up Buster- you need to schedule your time more efficiently and stop wasting the time of others!

I wonder how they would've liked it if their professor in med school decided to show up whenever he wanted? It might have taken them another year to get that degree! But that's okay- you're just a student....right?

Then my plumber says he's got 'something to do' before he comes to take care of my cracked pipe. He was supposed to be here at eight-thirty, and doesn't show up until two hours later. In the meantime, I can't do what errands I need to do for my family, because I have to be home waiting for him.

Somebody really needs to smack these people upside the head.

When we actually do find a professional that's on time, we're pleasantly surprised. Why is that? Because we're of a mindset that says it's okay for them to be late. But if we're late, they charge us! I wonder how my doctor would feel if I'd billed him for my wasted time. That would definitely be a 'YouTube' moment!

I'm not accepting excuses anymore. However I'm not going to be unreasonable either- I can see being a few minutes late, but late over an hour past the appointed time? No way, Mister. And from now on I will tell them so.

Right after their work with me is done. :)

So how valuable is our time as wives, mothers and homemakers? Priceless. But we need to speak up if we want the world to know that- especially concerning 'Professionals'- who aren't!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

My doctor's office has a sign that states if you wait more than twenty minutes without being called, please check in with reception.
I like that.

I agree with your other analysis also. Too bad the competion isn't fierce enough to instill punctuality as well as quality.

Thanks for venting and allowing us to particpate.

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