Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Flexible

I think it's finally happened. My semi-organized world is falling apart. 'Semi'- organized because there's always something interrupting, changing, or otherwise turning my schedule higglety-pigglety, no matter what I do.

In the beginning, my schedule was a beautiful work of art. I had it honed to the point of perfection. I was even following the thing on a regular basis, which was a miracle in itself! But that was also my biggest mistake- I was striving for perfection in an imperfect household.

You can't have anything perfect in a house with kids- it's impossible! At least if you want kids who don't need serious therapy when they're older. You also can't have a perfect schedule with a husband either- not even if you live with your soul mate (like me), because you just don't think the same way about everything.

Basically, my schedule worked when things didn't change. The moment things did change, I'd have to develop a new one. Not that I mind making new schedules (much), but having to make an entirely new one every month or two is a bit daunting after a while.

Of course it would work like a charm if I was living by myself (no one to mess things up), but then I would miss out on all that good family/spouse-type stuff that I love more than chocolate! So what am I going to do now?

The schedule I had worked great, but I recently joined a gym and didn't allow enough time for that. And there are so many other things I want (and have) to do during the course of a day, but trying to do all of it in a single day is getting me frustrated. I feel like a mouse in a maze, with no cheese at the end. I've got to stop striving for 'perfection', and going for 'getting a lot done'.

And believe me, 'Getting a lot done' is a much better feeling than 'Perfection'! Why? Because perfection is very rarely possible- especially if you're an at-home mom. You can't even count on getting things done with kids out of the house, because you know when you're almost done that perfect schedule, someone will be getting sick or ripping their pants, and you have to go pick them up or deliver a change of clothing to the school. A mother's life is rarely dull. Getting a lot done is at least an achievable goal, whereas perfection isn't!

The big question is this- how on earth do I make some kind of schedule that allows time for everything? Well, I'm still figuring that out, and when I do I'll let you know. All I can say for now is it sure won't be perfect!

I can say this; whatever I manage to schedule will be more flexible than a circus acrobat- it's going to have to be- I have a lot of interests!

So when I get into a perfection rut, I'll take a deep, relaxing breath, and think pretzely thoughts- when it comes to a mom's schedule, you just gotta be flexible!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Well, I've been in your shoes. I'd start out with a Plan A and before the day was over, I'd be at Plan G or more.

Then, I read this wonderful suggestion called the $25,000 plan. It is so simple and works so well! The woman was paid the previous amount by a large company for her organizational plan.

The Plan: list everything you need/want to accomplish. Prioritize the top 3. If all you get done is the first, you've done the most important. The next day, number two moves up to one and three moves up to two and then another is moved up to the number three spot. Somedays you may do all three and more, others, only the first. Regardless, if you did only the first, by the end of the week you will have accomplished 7 of the most important tasks. I've tried it and it works! A plan with built in accomodations for rapid changes. It's nearly perfect.....Good luck on your search.

God Mission Possible said...

Hi Beth -
Great post and so true! One of the best quotes I have ever heard (from a Bible study) was, "people take precedence over plans". Being flexible is allowing God to "interrupt yours plans" and give you a chance to join Him in what He is doing. I'm a planner and enjoy sticking to a schedule, but often I'm reminded by the Holy Spirit that being flexible is necessary to being at peace with God, yourself and your fellow man. Thanks for all the good advice!

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