Monday, April 11, 2011

Who Have YOU Been With??

Cats are funny creatures.

For the first time in eons, I went for a bike ride. Not just any bike ride, but one that took me to my gym. I worked out on the machines, then on my way home, I met a very friendly dog who loved being pet and played with. I got home and put the bike away, then entered the house.

I was met by The Inspection Team.

My two cats came up to me, not in their usual way (Boo-Boo actually bounds up to greet me, while Scootch could care less), but both approached me with a caution akin to parents catching their kid doing something naughty.

Then they started sniffing me.

Neither one wanted to be pet- in fact, when I leaned over to do so, their back did that rubbery thing where they twist just far enough away to keep you from touching their fur. Forget it Lady, they seemed to say, squinting their eyes as they hit the spot where the dog rubbed against me, We know you were with Someone Else.

They regarded me with those big yellow-green eyes. Prepare to be ignored.

Then they walked off, without even a meow. That was when I realized I'm no longer in charge. Perhaps I never was. It was nice while it lasted though.

Oh they'll love me again eventually. After all, dinnertime is only a few hours away, and they haven't had their daily treat yet. Then I'll be back in charge once more- at least until the food is gone.

In the meantime I plan on finding all kinds of things that have scent to just see what they do when I get home next time. Maybe I'll touch some flowers, pet a few more animals, or maybe bring home a small rock (they love those for some reason!)- Anything to get them to sniff me again- it tickles!


Unknown said...

With cats your never ever in charge, they just let you think that so you will continue with the treats and feeding time...LOL

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Being a former cat owner, I laughed all the way through your story. I had three Bermese cats at one time. What a circus that was! I loved your post!

Jackie said...

Cute post~Cats are always in charge!

Connie Arnold said...

How funny! Cat's seem to be very particular. I've never owned one but enjoy watching them.

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